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SoundCloud This week’s SoundClouders of the Day

We’re ending our week right with an overview of this week’s SoundClouders of the Day! Have a listen to all of them below!

Alison Doyle
We started off with Alison Doyle, a talented pianist who started playing at the young age of 8. Listen to her beautiful compositions below!


Line Spectra
Rhys Copeland, otherwise known as Line Spectra, is an ambient artist who combines glacial soundscapes with sporadic electrical interferences. Hear it all below!


Jay Stansfield
Wednesday’s SoundClouder of the Day was a songwriting philanthropist named Jay Stansfield. Born in Burnley and raised in the 80s, Jay started in the minor key. Have a listen to what he sounds like now!


Simon Jenni from Bern, Switzerland, is Isum! He creates relaxing electro for your ears! Go on and hear it for yourself.


Literate Wolves
Literate Wolves is inspired by music so much that it just seeps out of him naturally (or something along those lines). Hear what his love for music has seeped into SoundCloud!


Woohoo! For more awesome SoundClouders, check out the group! Now, go have a great weekend!

SoundCloud This week’s SoundClouders of the Day

It’s that time again! That’s right, you guessed it — time for the weekend and all of this week’s SoundClouders of the Day in one post! Have a listen to them before you go out tonight! There’s some great stuff in here.

Originally from Australia but now based in Berlin, Fiora is a fantastic vocalist who studied classical voice and violin. Have a listen to her diverse style below!


Rosie And Me
Brazilian trio Rosie And Me have been making their way through music blogs for a couple of months now. Check out “Bonfires” to hear what everyone’s blogging about!


Himuro Yoshiteru
Check out Japanese electronic musician, Himuro Yoshiteru! This guy’s making some great sounds out of Tokyo! Check him out.


Stu Kennedy
Glasgow-based Film & TV composer, Stu Kennedy was our SoundClouder Of The Day on Thursday. Hear his Demo Reel!


Bleeding Heart Narrative
And, we ended the week with the 7-piece band, Bleeding Heart Narrative! Hear their upcoming single “Perun” (which is due to be officially released on December 6th)!


Now, on to the weekend and the next week! If you’re cravin’ some more, check out the group!

SoundCloud Recap of this week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Need some tracks to get you ready for the weekend? If you answered ‘yes’, have a listen to the diverse range of SoundClouders of the Day we had this week! They’ll surely get you ready.

Titus and the Raindrops
LA-based, multi-genre producer and recording artist, Titus and the Raindrops was our SoundClouder of the Day at the beginning of the week! We actually interviewed him a while ago (check out the article here) and he’s currently working on some new stuff. You can hear one of these new tracks – called “Lost But Not Forgotten” – below.


Robot Koch
Not only is Robot Koch an essential part of the band Jahcoozi, but he is also his own solo artist. Hailing from Berlin, Germany, he definitely has some tracks to start your weekend up! Check out “Water and solutions”!


Alphabet Backwards
These guys have one motto, and that is to champion the noble art of pop music while dancing the whole time! Head on over to their page, have a listen and leave a comment!


Halcyon Days
For over 20 years, Anthony Banks aka Halcyon Days has been contributing to the music industry. He’s been writing and working on his solo and band projects, and has co-written many TV/Film themes and soundtracks. You can check out his track “Electro Gaze” below!


George Burl
George Burl has been around on the ‘Cloud for some time now, creating and uploading honest tracks. Based in Nebraska, this SoundClouder even posted an audio recording of how his profile picture came to be. Listen to his track “Just How You Are” below!


If you’re interested in checking out all of our SoundClouders of the Day (ever!), check out the curated group right here!