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David Sharing SoundCloud tracks on Soup.io

WhaSoup.io, people? Last week during Music Hack Day in London we had the chance to meet Christopher from micro-blogging platform Soup.io and quickly decided it would be a great idea to make it easy for users to share their SoundCloud tracks on Soup.io. Less than a week later and we’re all set!

If you have a (micro)blog over at Soup.io, you can now easily import publicly shared tracks from SoundCloud. Just head to your account, add any SoundCloud username to the list and it will automatically import the public tracks to your blog.


This is how your Soup.io blog looks after importing the tracks. Whenever you upload a public track to SoundCloud it will automatically be added. Pretty cool!


Also, much like the Posterous integration, whenever you’re on a SoundCloud track page (or any other page with SoundCloud tracks embedded for that matter) you can use the Soup.io bookmarklet to post a track with just one click:

Soup Bookmarklet

Hats off to Christopher and the Soup.io team for getting this great new feature live so quickly. Try it out.