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David #8 Olof Dohnhammar & Anders Ivarsson

Ok, we’re getting close but we still have four more DJ’s to announce and they are all ones we are really looking forward to. The end of the countdown begins with:

Olof Dohnhammar (Klikkboxning, Plejour Audio, Uppsala)

Anders Ivarsson (Dynamic, Uppsala)

I met Olof and Anders the first time back in 2005 when visiting their quite legendary club Dynamic in Uppsala, Sweden. They were already then blessing minimal techno and dark dancefloors with immense amounts of smoke. Their floor at the club was probably not the most crowded but definitely the one with soul. Now almost three years later things have changed, and so have they. Olof is now involved in a boiling techno duo, together with PICKNICK’s own MTE, called Klikkboxning. And Anders is running the most secret technolabel I’ve ever heard about. No website, no name, no distribution and no logo, just 200 limited vinyls sold or handed to DJ’s he and his friends like. Talk about staying off the radar!

Anyway, they will join us at the party to give you the best of disco-techno they have and together with Elias & Yourhighness they will make your sweat drip of the ceiling upstairs. Talk about combination!

David #7 Remute (Live!)

This live-performer is truly one of the best in techno-europe.
He already played in some of the best clubs including PanoramaBar, Flex in Vienna, Click in Hamburg, Nitsa, Tresor and of course the HarryKlein in Munich. Let’s say hi to:

Remute (Traum, Trapez, MBF, Areal, Dial, …)

After lonely and quiet years of experiments and self-discovery he released his first 12″ called “Hypnoconsole” and got remixed by Munich-Techno-Hero Richard Bartz. The first livegigs followed directly and led him into smoky rave-basements, uproarious clubs, sunny open-airs, as well as shaky party-boats…
Due to excessive and unresting music-making Denis released lots of 12″s on fine labels like Traum/Trapez/MBF, Areal , Dial, Weave or Liebe*Detail. He has also made remixes for artists like Dominik Eulberg, Move D or Kid Alex and in 2006 he released his first highly acclaimed self-titled album on Ladomat and since then he is touring excessively througout whole europe.
His livesets are like a roller coaster ride of emotions.
Not just a great rave experience, but especially one of those Do you remember when? -feelings which stick although the moment itself is long gone. His regular appearance in magazine polls for best live act of the year proves that this is not just theory!

Here’s a remix from our live-performer:

David #4 Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid

There is no doubt that these two technofreaks are Swedens new hope for electronic music. They have already released on a dussin different labels around Europe and are truly the hottest thing since sliced bread. We are very happy to present to you:

Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid (Stockholm LTD, Islands & Islets, Stockholm)


After many years behind the microphone, screaming in various punk bands, Van Rivers realized that the way to go on was behind the machines. With the stunning hit “Kill The Disco” released on Cologne based label “Boxer” during 2006 Van Rivers paved the way for dance floor success. Besides producing under the name Van Rivers, Henrik works as a recording engineer and producer for everything from local band to well know artists. He belongs to the studio complex “Five Guys and a Dog” with neighbors like Marcus Enochson and close friend The Subliminal Kid.

Here is an extract from his lates release on Pär Grindviks label Stockholm LTD:

The Subliminal Kid used to work for the well known studio Murlyn Music helping out with productions like Britney Spears – Toxic. He also has a history of producing quite famous swedish rockbands like the Shout Out Louds aswell as composing funky chip music. Nowadays he is producing unique techno with a special feeling for groove and chords. He is a total synthesizer nerd and his Macbeth M5N jam has been widely spread. His first release was on Free Form Fives label Perspex back in 2006 and since then his tracks has been endorsed by hot shots like Gilles Peterson and Gabriel Ananda.

Here is one of his hits on label Still Music:

Together these two party animals gives you the best dj- and livesets in this part of the world and for our party they are doing a combination. Can’t. Be. Missed.