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SoundCloud Moby on SoundCloud

MobyThere’s been a lot of buzz this week about the different ways that Moby has been using SoundCloud. And we really wanted to highlight two really cool associated apps that have been built.

First up the ‘social music’ Moby app on Facebook that allows you to stream and buy Moby’s new album direct from his fan page. If you get three of your friends to listen too, you can buy the album straight from the app (both downloads and CDs) with a discount up to 20%. Pretty cool, click here to check it out. The app was built by the guys at iPlatform, if you’re an artist and interested in doing something similar here’s how to contact them

Moby Facebook app

The second app, built by CultureJam, lets you listen to his new album and post a mini-review to your Twitter stream. After posting your review, you can download the title track ‘Wait For Me’ for free! Each month the most creative review will win a prize – the first prize being a signed print from Moby’s recent Little Idiot art exhibition in London. Go to http://twitter.moby.com to listen to the new album, tweet your review, and get your free download.

Twitter Moby app

SoundCloud Let Me Twitter Dat!

Just like Andy Milonakis we’re big fans of Twitter at SoundCloud. And we know that quite a lot of you are too. So we recently wrote a guest post for the excellent Hypebot blog showing you all the different ways you can use SoundCloud & Twitter together to share your tracks as well as music from others.

Read the full post here

Eric Vote for SoundCloud for the Webby Awards

webby1We’re really happy that SoundCloud has been nominated as best site in the “Services & Applications” category of the 2009 Webby Awards (which is sort of like the academy awards for web sites)! There are actually two different prizes for this category–the Jury’s pick and the People’s Voice. And for the people’s Voice prize, you can help us! Just follow these instructions–and please do it today as this is the last day of voting!

1. Sign up here
2. Pick SoundCloud from “Select a Nominee” at the top of the page
3. Tell your friends to vote for us! And please do comment on the nominee page!

Big thanks!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed, thanks a lot for your help!