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Eric Downtime and Moving To a New Datacenter

We’re experiencing some unexpected downtime on soundcloud.com since around 8am CET this morning. This has not been planned downtime, and so it’s indeed very unfortunate. The error happened as we were making final preparations for the move to a new and much more powerful datacenter in London. We hope that it will be resolved by 5pm today at the latest. No data has been lost.

Over the past weeks our development team has been working hard on making soundcloud faster. A big part of that project has been preparing for the move to a new datacenter. The team has done a very good job on optimizing the site, but the big speed bottleneck has proven to be in the current server setup.

By 6pm today this should all change and SoundCloud will be back up again, faster than it ever was.

The SoundCloud Team

David SoundCloud Player for Facebook, now viral

We have now deployed a major update for our player application for Facebook. It has been three weeks of hard coding from Johan to get it ready and working for the new Facebook design and platform. We also added some features that we hope you’ll enjoy.

First of all we have made the interface a bit better and easier to understand. It’s not a complicated app but we really want everyone understand how to get their favorite tracks on profiles and pages. Want to read about how it works? Click on the help link next to the headline.

We also added full feed support. This means that every time you add a track, a story will end up in your network’s feed, perfect for taking your tracks on a viral spin. And If you should find a track you like on someone else’s feed, page or profile you can easily add it to yours by clicking the “Add this track to my profile”-button.

A minor update was also made on the SoundCloud side of things. The “Share on Facebook” button is now connected to the Player application so when you hit “Share” the track will be loaded into the application and added to your feed. This makes it much easier to share your favorites even outside of SoundCloud.

Last but not least, you can now also choose whether to show the track comments or not.

If you find any glitches or have any suggestions on how to make the application even better, head over to our page on Get Satisfaction. Happy Facebooking!

Eric X-Mas Break

CatHere we are on christmas eve sitting and trying to relax, spend time with our families and not think about the Cloud and the cool stuff we’re working on at the moment. I’d like to take the opportunity here and paraphrase a website we deeply respect:

The SoundCloud team never sleeps, it only waits.

…for the site update which is due in the next few days!