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SoundCloud It’s voting time: Create a sound that’s never been heard before

Back in October, we joined forces with Vancouver Film School (VFS) and asked the community to get creative and create a sound that’s never been heard before. Well, there were over 400 submissions and VFS has chosen 10 finalists. Now, we’re asking everyone out there to help choose a winner! Keep in mind, the winner will receive a full tuition scholarship to VFS’s Sound Design for Visual Media program.

Check out the choices below (in random order):

Lefteris Douros:

A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

Gordon McGladdery (has two entries that made the finals):

A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

An Imaginary Animal Being Born

Herve Carpentier:

A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

Jonas Obermüller:

Falling in Love

Rashaad Wiggins:

A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

Jose Antonio Robles:

The birth of an idea

Victor Mercader:

The Birth of an Imaginary Animal

Guillaume Plantevin:

A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

Craig Deskins:

A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

Heard ’em all? Pretty creative, right? Now, vote for your favourite here! Voting will close on December 13th, so get your ballots ready!