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You're viewing everything posted on June 15, 2011
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It’s still Dienstag on the West Coast, Deutsch Dienstag!


Deutsch Dienstag: Ich habe einen netten Mitbewohner | Marie Elliott

Mitbewohner {noun}

I learned Mitbewohner (which means “roommate”) before, but I kept forgetting it so I decided to record myself saying it for Deutsch Dienstag this week.

Sentence: Ich habe einen netten Mitbewohner (I have a nice roommate)

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David - is that Rachel?

… nice one!

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29 seconds.

trucking [grateful dead cover] | edward cohen ft. redline train

walking across the common and there he was - pretty, pretty voice. i stopped to listen while looking for my wallet to make a donation and my phone to record. turns out he was about to move on. or down to the train station. hey, are you going to play more? yea, down by the redline. cool, are you a student? yea…well, i’m taking a year off. i want to go to berklee. we kept walking - he looked back -  i’ve applied twice. is it timing, are some years harder than others. what’s holding you back? btw, my name is maura. edward, nice to meet you. and then he covered the grateful dead’s trucking. this is a glimpse before he stopped because the train was too loud. he mentioned that he needs an amp. how much? ah, ‘round $200. oh. he played again [full version here]. we chatted for a bit when he was done. i offered to meet him sometime soon to talk about the berklee process. perhaps i could help. that would be great, thanks! no problem, i’d love to…

Nice one, Maura! Maybe you also want to submit your recording to this buskers and street musician group.

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This week on Remixes/Contests/Submissions

So, you all know that Retro/Grade make rhythmic noise, but now they want to hear your rhythmic noise!

Their brand new ‘Mindfighter’ EP is to be released on July 17th and we’ve teamed up with Retro/Grade to give you the chance to remix the title track, listen to a clip of it below…

Prizes include a 365 day SoundCloud Pro account for the winner and Lite accounts for runners up, the winning remix will also be used by Retro/Grade on blogs across the web!

Click here to head over to the contest page!

Listen up! For fans that pre-order the CD package of Wiley’s career-best album, 100% Publishing, via the Ninjashop, on any format, will be given three instrumentals and acappellas at the point of payment. Those customers will then be offered the chance to enter an exclusive remix competition, open only to people with valid receipt numbers, and thus to the real fans who’ve forked out hard earned cash for the album. Big Dada and Wiley will listen through to all entries, and the winning track will be released as a commercial download single by Big Dada Recordings.

The album is available to pre-order now on CD, download and 2LP here. Get yours quick, and start working on that remix. Click here to head to the contest!

Brandon Howard (affectionately known by his stage name ‘B. Howard’) is an American recording artist, producer, songwriter, and a rising star in the global music scene.

Howard has worked with artists such as LSG, Lupe Fiasco, Ne-Yo and Ginuwine and was the name behind the Madiba track for Fifa 2010.

Now you stand the chance of working with this world renowned music industry super star on his new single “Dancefloor” which you can listen to below…

Interested? Head here to enter the contest!

After ten years Jake Bailey has finally decided to release his own album ‘Acres of Sky’ on June 20th and he’s offering you the chance to participate in the album launch by creating your own unique remix of the single ‘Infatuation Never Dies’


The winning mix, selected by the panel including Jake, will receive widespread promotion, be plugged to over 500 selected music blog contacts and be considered for release. The winner will receive a rare signed handmade copy of the CD album.

For more information click here then head here to head over to the contest!

Next up…

Belmondo Rulez” is the most successful track by Dr. Kucho!, named as ”the undisputed king of Spanish house music” by DJ Mag U.K.  To celebrate its ten year anniversary Dr. Kucho! is giving everyone a chance to remix this anthem, which you can check out below…

Download the stems and submit your remix here!

Now for something a little different… 

MuseAmi is hosting a contest for all ImproVox users. A new update (downloadable via the AppStore) will include a song called “TechnoTune Backing Track”. Contestants are asked to record their own song over the backing beat, by using the overdub feature, and submit the new song to this page.


Users can submit songs through the end of June, using the free ImproVox 2.3 update!

A few final pieces…

Remix G.E.M.’s single “Good To Be Bad” to win a brand new Apple iPad2. Enter the competition by submitting your remix here.

The winners of the My Chemical Romance ‘Planetary’ remix contest have also been announced! Check them out below!

First place: 

My Chemical Romance - Planetary (GO!) - Sam 2k Remix by Sam 2k Williams

Second place:

Planetary (GO!) Remix by Ihatewires

Third place:

My Chemical Romance - Planetary GO! (JFX remix) by JFX

Congratulations to Kat Vipers who is the winner of The Big Mix Unsigned Competition and will perform at Rich Mix on 18th June and live on John Kennedy’s Xposure show on Xfm on Thursday 9th June! You can check out her winning entry ‘Blue Ice Lolly’ below…

…Interested in setting up your own remix contest or submissions feature on SoundCloud? Click here to find out how!

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666th song about the Devil
Revolution number nine
"Cloud" by Alexander Berg
Sound of ice melting
NBR Christchurch earthquake coverage
Ashton Kutcher on SoundCloud
Moby on SoundCloud
Over 600 songs about donuts
Four Tet on SoundCloud

Wow — so that’s what 5,000,000 feels like. Consider each and every one of you hugged.

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